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I heard someone say that Christopher Hitchens helps Atheism the way that Hitler helped Patriotism. But I’ve just been listening to the “Great God Debate” between Christopher Hitchens and Dr. Mark Roberts, and I must say I was quite impressed, both with the standard of debating, the respect shown for each other and many of the points expressed.Roberts exemplifies a religious world view I’m fairly familiar with from my years with the Catholic church. Even though he’s not Catholic per se, his outlook reminds me of some of the more charismatic and intelligent priests I knew when I was younger. From the outside, Catholicism seems like a dogmatic, controlling organisation replete with strange beliefs, but on the inside it can actually be quite comfortable for the believer. The key is basing most of your philosophy on one major assumption: “God is Love”, and working from there, both in terms of how the Bible and the past is interpreted, and how the faithful are expected to live their lives. Not as much hell and damnation as you might think – most of the preaching, in my experience, was based on reassuring people, and giving an overall quite positive message. (Of course we got the rants as well, but as they say around here, you’ll have that). I think it is this assumption that permits so many intelligent and thoughtful people to stay with the mother church, despite its history and the ludicrousness of many of its dogmas.

Hitchens will be speaking on the Sunday Supplement with David Quinn this Sunday, as well as another well-known Irish atheist, Eamonn McCann. I can’t wait. All three are robust debaters, so it should be quite a show. The show will take place at 11am British/Irish time on Sunday morning, and the podcast will be available from this link.


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Cross Rhythms Contemporary music for the young. ch876
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Plus on TV The God Channel ch650
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If you buy a SKY Digital package you get a Free minidish and Digibox. You pay installation charge and £9 per month for one year. you can then close your subscription but you still keep the digibox and minidish and can therefore continue to receive all the Christian radio channels FREE.

Details from your satellite dealer or telephone UCb Dublin office on 01-2841522 or 086:8197218


There is no Christian radio station in Ireland.

Not only that but commercial radio stations in Ireland are not allowed even to advertise Christian events. This is a total disgrace and something has to be done about it. You can make a difference by writing to your local TD. After-all this is supposed to be the land of saints and scholars. in the meantime here are some Christian radio stations from abroad

aon-apprent-knots.gifThe Irish of today are the descendants of a very ancient people, the Celts, who were the common ancestors as well of the modern Scots and Welsh. It was to these people that Patrick, once enslaved by them, returned in 432 from
England with the Gospel. This began an enduring marriage between the life-loving Celts and the Word Made Flesh, Jesus Christ. The Irish church, and not to exclude the Scots and Welsh, grew with an intensity of faith and an influence that would dominate
Europe and many other parts of the world over coming centuries. But in time oppression, and still later, famine, would bring untold suffering and isolation to the Irish. Yet the faith that Patrick brought so many years before would still shine, dimmed by the events of history, but never extinguished. Father Timothy Joyce, in his powerful book Celtic Christianity, suggest some qualities of Celtic/Irish spirituality for today:

 “. . . to embrace a way of life that is a real commitment to the belief that the Trinitarian God is alive in this word, that Christ remains incarnate in his church, that each Christian is called to active discipleship in building the kingdom of God . . . it opens us up to a viewpoint that cannot separate Sunday and the rest of the week, this world and the nest, the spiritual and the secular, the individual and the community . . . to find God in the ordinary events of life, love, eating, working, playing. . the church is our family in which we find assistance, support, and a sign of God’s presence. Pope, bishops, and priests are brothers but never take the place of Christ, the Spirit, and the Father . . . despite its darkness, the world is still good.

…Will You Come?

“A wide door has been open to me and with it are many adversaries.” 1 Corinthians 16:9God is always giving us opportunities to move forward in life. It is God’s desire that you grow and reach your full potential. Anytime you take a step forward, the enemy will try to bring opposition and adversity against you. But God promises that through Him, you can overcome any opposition the enemy brings your way.When you step out in faith and the opposition comes, stand your ground and keep doing what you know to do. Keep on praying. Keep reading and speaking the Word. Keep going to church. Keep walking in love and forgiveness, and keep your heart tender. When the enemy sees that you are more determined than he is, he’ll back down and you will move forward to new levels of victory! Stay focused and full of joy no matter what comes against you. As you do, you will overcome opposition and discover the champion in you!The Promotion is ready-are you?“God you have enlarged me in my time of distress.” (Psalm 4:1)Before you are going to see your dreams come to pass, you have to be prepared for promotion. The way you respond in your time of adversity shows your readiness to take the next step. Believing that God will sustain you during your difficult time builds your faith and will take you to new levels of victory.David said in Psalm 4:1: “God you have enlarged me in my time of distress.” God will never waste a trial, but uses them to “enlarge” you and make you stronger. Resistance builds strength, and you must resist the defeat that the enemy tries to bring. Stand strong in the face of your adversity. Speak God’s Word over your situation and declare that you have the victory! Sing a song of praise and thank the Lord for His everlasting faithfulness. Know that with the Lord on your side, you will come out stronger, and experience victory in every area of your life!God, I know it is Your will that I grow strong in my faith. I want to reach my full potential. Help me to push through the doors of opportunity that You open for me—no matter what holds me back. Thank you for challenging me to live a life of victory! In Jesus’ name – Amen.


From http://www.earthtimes.org: Hong Kong- More than 2,300 Hong Kong residents have lodged complaints about indecent and sexually explicit material in the Bible in a bizarre campaign to restrict sales of the Christian holy book. Hong Kong’s publications watchdog has received an avalanche of complaints about tales of incest, rape, cannibalism and violence in the Bible since the website truthbible.net began urging people to file complaints. However, the Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority said it will not act on the complaints as it considers the Bible to be “a religious text, which is part of civilization.” Now the website says it may raise the issue with Hong Kong’s public ombudsman on the grounds that the “abnormal sex and violence” described in the Bible is at odds with the moral standards of people in the former British colony. If the campaign succeeds, the Bible could technically have its sales restricted in Hong Kong in the same way that pornographic magazines must be sold in sealed packages and to only those over age 18. The motive for the campaign is unclear.

The number of complaints lodged against the Bible with the licensing authority is the highest received since a magazine last year ran pictures of a semi-naked female pop star changing backstage at a concert in Malaysia. Hong Kong, which has a population of 6.9 million people, is home to around 250,000 Catholics, including Beijing-appointed chief executive Donald Tsang, and around 60,000 Anglican Christians.


This picture is to remind you that you never know what might happen next (reason no.37 for becoming a Christian)…

Also, just a note that a special weekend is coming up June 9th/ 10th. A large group from CFC Belfast is coming over to bless and encourage us.

On Saturday night tHE eDGE is on at Sligo with Pizza and Pezazz, 7.30pm. It’s a youth event so act childish.  If you’re going in your own transport, the map is here:  http://www.sligomethodist.org/sligo.php

On Sunday morning the group here at Roscrea. We welcom themn in the name of the Lord and look to God for a mighty blessing.

Also, later on, at 4pm on Sunday afternoon there is a Big Do at Drumshanbo Methodist Church. See the map here. http://www.sligomethodist.org/drumshanbo.php to which we are all invited (with even the possibility of one-way transport!).